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Online/Off-Site Backup Service

The Challenge

The Challenge

The information stored within your organisation is often the lifeblood of your business or organisation.
Tape Backup traditionally has been used to keep this data/information safe. However tape drives and tapes remain expensive, backup generations are often left on the same site as their sources and backups are done once a day with the tape in the drive(s) night, so that if there is theft, fire or flood at best a complete day of work is lost.
Even if useful tapes are available they need to be shipped to the site where the server or servers are being rebuilt and if replacement hardware is required then compatible drives also need to be sourced and installed.
All of the above unfortunately promotes delays in operation and possible holes in the data.

Alfred Ashley Group's On-Line/Off-Site Backup

Using leading industry technology, we provide a complete data backup solution for your organisation.

We have created a way to perform FAST and easy restores of key or large amounts of information/data.

We have also created a multi-tier system that means that data remains safe using a 'belt and braces' system, that provides high speed restore.

We also have a cost effective system that does not store and charge for any more storage than is necessary.

The greatest value being that as there is Off-site storage, data can be built onto new hardware as soon as a problem is identified. It is also obviously separated from its sources so that if a site is lost, the data/information remains safe!

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