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Workstation & Server Imaging

Modern Day Challenges

Modern Day Challenges

Hardware and Software is very reliable today, but there still remains a possibility of failure.

Likewise Fire, Flood damage or Theft is also often a fact of life, which in any modern organisation should not be overlooked!

In any of the above situations, data should be safe, using local or preferably our on-line/backup services. However the operating system, configuration and software installed is often overlooked.

Hence, in a disaster recovery situation either there is a delay in recovery or it becomes very hard to restore back to where you were before the incident!

Alfred Ashley Group's Workstation & Server Imaging Service

Using industry leading software, we provide a service to create images of both servers and workstations, dependant on your requirements.
There is no upfront cost for the software as this is covered by our license agreement, we just charge for our time.
The procedure is controlled remotely so there are no callout fees or disruptions from visitors to your site.
The images are either stored locally or off-line or off-site, dependant on your preferences.
In the event of a failure, using a USB memory stick the restore procedure is started and we can monitor rebuilding the system from the last image, wherever it might be stored.
We will project manage any situation, enabling fast recoveries and providing peace of mind in even the worst disaster, whether a PC hard disk fails or your most important server is stolen!

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