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Telephone Services

Non-Geo Phone Numbers, Call Routing and Virtual PA services in London and the North West

Non-Geo Phone Numbers, Call Routing and Virtual PA services in London and the North West

Using non-geographic numbers (such as 0844, 0845, 0800 & 0808) creates an intelligent inbound portal. Our advanced Smart Call Handling products can be managed and customised online, ensuring callers enjoy a smooth, seamless experience.

The technology may be complex, but the result is very simple: optimum call handling efficiency for organisations large and small. Increased efficiency, improving the customer experience and giving you an excellent return on investment.

Smart Call Handling

Alfred Ashley's Smart Call Handling allows you to benefit from complete control of your call management allowing you to implement changes online, anytime, anywhere.

Smart Call Handling has 4 main features - Call Planner, Call Manager, Call Director and Q-Control, which include the most commonly requested features - deployed rapidly. You can also manage your call plan online, allowing it to evolve with your business.

Call Management Solutions

This allows you to manage your calls efficiently, identifying when your peak periods are, how many lines you require to reduce missed calls & missed sales opportunities!

We can help you identify which adverts work and where, even down to the caller's postcode! This prevents costly marketing mistakes and ensures value is maximised from your campaign investment by improved targeting.

Call Routing Solutions

Our call routing solutions allow us to help you treat every one of your customers as an individual, not just as the next caller. Our four core call routing solutions can reduce the risk of call flooding to your business through effective call management:

   • Divert Plan: diverts calls when the target number is engaged
   • Ratio Plan: ratio distribution of calls to multiple target numbers
   • Time/Day/Date Plans: automatic call routing during selected periods
   • Zone Plan: routes the call to the callers nearest destination

Call Control Solutions

Our call control solutions allow you to benefit from complete mobility. You can reduce the risk of missed calls or mislaid faxes costing you valuable business.

Follow Me:
Calls to your number are automatically directed to up to three destinations, for example; your office, mobile or home. You can re-direct your calls remotely, whenever and wherever you are, using a unique access PIN.

Voice Mail to email:
This allows your clients to leave you a voicemail which is delivered to your email box.

Fax to email:
Using an 0871 number you can receive on email, allowing you complete mobility and confidentiality. This eliminates the risk of mislaid faxes and removes cost associated with using a traditional fax machine, such as paper, toner and maintenance charges.

Call Record Facility

Call Record solutions give you the freedom to record conversations at the touch of a button or automatically, and because we hold the hardware in-house there's no need for you to purchase expensive recording equipment.

Call Record reduces the risk of missing details from important calls, allowing you to record conversations without the need to purchase expensive on-site equipment. Our solution gives you the ability to record in and out-bound calls in 3 formats:

   • All Calls
   • On Demand
   • By Percentage

Recorded calls are converted into an audio file which can be retrieved in two ways. It can be e-mailed to a dedicated account or stored online on our audio server

Audio Solutions

A range of audio solutions allow you a variety of options to promote your business as each customer contacts you, either via a pre-recorded message or 'live feed' audio:

Intro Service - designed for small to medium sized businesses, this service plays a welcome or promotional message to callers prior to diverting to switchboard.

Simple Audio - this offers businesses the opportunity to advertise their services, products or events via a dedicated number and takes much of the expense out of advertising. Callers will hear your professionally recorded message, ensuring that the content is delivered with the same punch & accuracy to everyone.

Voice Box - Voice box has the same fundamentals as simple audio, but it enables you to update the recording when ever you have new content available.

Broadcast - enables callers to listen to events, such as a concert or sports match in real time. Channel Four's 'Big Brother' used this service during broadcasting in 2001, allowing callers to listen to events live in the Big Brother House.

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